Lena Gercke and Co.: This is how celebrity mothers celebrated their mothers

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Lena Gercke and Co.: This is how celebrity mothers celebrated their mothers
Lena Gercke and Co.: This is how celebrity mothers celebrated their mothers

On this year's Mother's Day, numerous people sent loving messages to their mothers and gave them small gifts as a thank you. The mothers also get congratulations from German celebrities via Instagram. Model Lena Gercke and presenter Nazan Eckes show their gratitude on Mother's Day.

Mothers congratulate their mothers

Lena Gercke herself became the mother of a little daughter in 2020. Instead of celebrating herself, however, the model decided to thank her mother, Elvira Gercke. For this she posted three snapshots together on Instagram and wrote: "The day for the greatest woman in the world. Your own mom. How grateful I am to have you by my side. My rock."

Sensitive and strong at the same time

Nazan Eckes Mama, Gülser Üngör, can also look forward to a loving Instagram post for her. For this she shared old and new snapshots. Her daughter describes her as "the loveliest in the world." In addition, Eckes' mother is "sensitive and strong at the same time", always by her side and let her be who she is. In addition, Üngör is "the best & coolest 'Anneanne' in the world". In 2014, Eckes made her mother a grandmother.

Unconditional Love

Sarah Engels thanks her mother Sonja Strano. She brought the singer into this world 29 years ago. In addition, her mother "showed her what it means to love unconditionally". In the meantime, the 29-year-old has grown up, but "I'll always be your little princess," she writes in her post.

Absolute dream woman

Another model congratulating his mother is Angelina Kirsch. She posted a picture from her mother's early years and a snapshot together. The resemblance between the two women is hard to miss. She writes: "Mom, then as now, my absolute dream woman!"

Mom is the best

Ross Antony reportedly congratulates the best mom in the world - his own. Vivien Catterall can look forward to her son's particularly kind words: "Good things are rare – that's why you only exist once. Happy Mother's Day," writes the Englishman on Instagram. He also shares two cute shots of the two.

Fun for everyone

Klaudia Giez has an important message for her followers. She loves her mother, and "not just on Mother's Day". For this, the "Germany's next top model" candidate from 2018 posted photos together and a sweet dance video of herself and her mother.

Children will always be children

Mandy Capristo also thanks her mother. For this she shared pictures where she kisses her on the forehead and is kissed by her. The former "Monrose" singer and her mother wrap themselves in a scarf.

The singer writes: "If I know what love is, it's only because of you".

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