"Tatort: Everything is coming back": This is how the shoot with Udo Lindenberg went

"Tatort: Everything is coming back": This is how the shoot with Udo Lindenberg went
"Tatort: Everything is coming back": This is how the shoot with Udo Lindenberg went

Panic rocker Udo Lindenberg has become an actor. In the new "Tatort: Everything is coming back" by director Detlev Buck, he is in front of the camera together with Maria Furtwängler. While she is chasing a murderer in Hamburg in her role as Charlotte Lindholm, the musician strays through the main location, the Hotel Atlantic. The cult singer has lived there in reality since 1995. In addition to his person, Lindenberg contributed a title song. The single "Kompass" was released on September 10th and comes from the best-of album "Udopium - Das Beste". The 75-year-old not only inspired the other actors with his music.

That's what Maria Furtwängler thinks about Udo Lindenberg

Maria Furtwängler and Udo Lindenberg already knew each other before shooting. The two stood together on stage for "MTV Unplugged" and sang the Lindenberg song "Are you from the KGB?". After that, the musician had the idea of performing in the "crime scene". "I quickly realized that Udo couldn't just slip into any role," Furtwangler explained in an interview with the broadcaster. After all, Udo Lindenberg is an icon. The actress also served as a producer for the new case. "The solution was to invent a story for the unique Udo, including the original Udo setting - his hotel home - that takes Charlotte Lindholm out of her usual environment."

During filming, the actress was apparently also able to take a look at the 75-year-old's hotel suite. What does it look like inside? "Definitely much smaller than I imagined a pop star's suite to be," she said in an interview with Gala magazine. Everything is full of his pictures and colors as well as numerous books. The two get along really well on a personal level. The hamburger of choice is charming and modest. "I've never seen him rude or overbearing," the actress continued. Udo is simply "enchanting".

Udo Lindenberg is "awake and curious"

Director Detlev Buck has also known Udo Lindenberg for several years. "Udo is one of the most interesting and open types, someone who listens carefully, is alert and curious," enthuses the director. For many fans, Lindenberg would be part of life. "His 'Hey, everything easy' lifestyle gives them a kind of security, of reliability in life."Udo has always remained true to himself and has a good instinct. One thing was clear to Buck when working together: "You don't stage Udo as a director. Udo is Udo."

Anne Ratte-Polle plays the Hamburg investigator Jana Zimmermann. For them, Udo Lindenberg is a living legend. "I've been a fan of his since I was a child, even dressed up as Udo Lindenberg at the carnival." The two did not stand together in front of the camera in "Tatort", "but away from the film set - during my shooting days I was also accommodated in the hotel where it was staged - it was very dear to me, this soft, clever and funny to be able to meet a man in real life".

That's what Udo Lindenberg says about his "Tatort" appearance

And what does Lindenberg say about his "Tatort" debut? "I'm still a young talent in acting, but I always want to try something new. Now I don't have to speak so much in this film, but look and sing all the better for it," he explained to the broadcaster. Lindenberg also sees parallels between himself and the Sunday thriller: "Both are somehow an institution in Germany, have belonged for what feels like 100 years to. Both are reliable."

In fact, the singer came into contact with the format early on. "Our bond began earlier, with Doldinger's title music and me on the drums," says the 75-year-old. In 1970, Lindenberg recorded the first version with Klaus Doldinger's jazz quartet. Since 1978 there has been a new variant of the title music - without Lindenberg. But the connection remained: "We are somehow close, the 'crime scene' and I, and both continue."

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