Johannes Haller straps a bowler hat around his stomach

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Johannes Haller straps a bowler hat around his stomach
Johannes Haller straps a bowler hat around his stomach

Jessica Paszka and her partner Johannes Haller are close to the goal: the bachelorette couple will soon have their first offspring together. So that the father-to-be can put himself in the uncomfortable position of his loved ones, he uses a watermelon to test how difficult it is for pregnant women to move with a baby bump. We show the funny video here.

John and the Watermelon

Getting up from the bed or the deep sofa - with a huge baby ball, this can hardly be done without help. You hit the ball everywhere – and behind the wheel of a car, a heavily pregnant woman suddenly doesn’t fit so well anymore. This is exactly what Johannes experiences in his funny baby bump test. For this, his fiancee wraps a huge watermelon with a roll of cling film tightly around his stomach and watches him intently as he experiments.

Jessic's baby ball grows and grows

What is a unique experience for Johannes, the pregnant woman has been carrying on for weeks. Jessi hasn't been able to hide her baby ball since the beginning of 2021. While the mom-to-be is posting a current photo of herself with the hashtag pregnancy week 39, partner Johannes is probably already rounding up his baby bump test clip and conjuring up a 40 out of it.

Either way - it's almost time! Another baby from the Bachelor universe is about to see the light of day!

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