These German celebrity dads are celebrating their first Father's Day

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These German celebrity dads are celebrating their first Father's Day
These German celebrity dads are celebrating their first Father's Day

Lena Gercke, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and many other German celebrity mothers celebrated their first Mother's Day last Sunday. Father's Day is on May 13th - and there are also some premieres here. For these stars, it's the first Father's Day in their early days as dads.

"Bachelor"-Papa Sebastian Pannek

The former bachelor Sebastian Pannek and his wife Angelina Pannek were happy about their first offspring in June 2020: They became parents of a son. They announced the birth online, but they still keep the baby's name secret. For Pannek it's the first Father's Day with his little family.

Freshly baked father Johannes Haller

Reality TV star Johannes Haller almost shouldn't have celebrated his first Father's Day until 2022. His fiancee, ex-Bachelorette Jessica Paszka, gave birth to their daughter Hailey-Su just a few days ago. Young dad can enjoy his Father's Day surrounded by sun and sea in his adopted home of Ibiza.

Football World Champion Mario Götze has a little Mini-Me

Football star Mario Götze and his wife Ann-Kathrin Götze have been parents since June 2020. Since then, little Rome has been the focus of her life. Will the footballer let his fans participate on Father's Day via Instagram? In the video we show how similar dad and son already look.

Dome show father Yasin Cilingir

Yasin Cilingir and Samira Berkane got to know and love each other in 2019 on the RTLzwei dome show "Love Island" – now the two parents of little Malik are. Also for Cilingir it is the first Father's Day on Thursday. The young father will certainly celebrate it appropriately.

YouTube dad Tobias Wolf

In August 2020, the son of the YouTube couple Tobias and Maren Wolf was born. Since then, little Lyan has lived a life in front of the camera - the video bloggers document the life of their offspring for their fans. Who knows, maybe the subscribers will also get a glimpse of Tobias' first Father's Day?

Father's Day with Massimo Sinató and Rebecca Mir

Massimo Sinató and his wife Rebecca Mir have been parents of a little son since mid-April. However, the couple is keeping the baby's name and face a secret. Will the professional dancer post a photo with his son for his first Father's Day? Rebecca Mir celebrated Mother's Day with a sweet photo.

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