Johannes Haller gives baby update

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Johannes Haller gives baby update
Johannes Haller gives baby update

Johannes Haller has just celebrated his first Father's Day as the new dad of little Hailey-Su. Almost a week after the birth of his daughter, Johannes is now reporting to Instagram with an update on his little family. The 33-year-old not only reveals how new mom Jessica Paszka and the little ones are doing at the moment, but also urgently needs to get rid of how great it feels to be a father. Just watching the video warms your heart.

Johannes: "At the moment everything is too good to be true"

Johannes had assembled the pram long before Hailey Su's arrival and had already practiced driving his daughter through Ibiza with it. So great was the anticipation of his first child. He even took off his beard so he wouldn't scratch his little one. He also wanted his daughter "to be able to cuddle properly". uh Johannes clearly has what it takes to become a really perfect father. After all, his first message to Hailey-Su right after her birth was, "I promise to love you unconditionally."

New mom Jessica Paszka will be happy to hear that. She too could hardly wait for the arrival of her "little mouse", as Hailey-Su was affectionately called before she was born. "Since you've been here, I've suddenly forgotten everything around me. The time with you is so sacred to me and I'm just grateful to be able to enjoy it with you," she writes on Instagram. Sounds like perfect family happiness. Or, to put it in the words of the wise philosopher Johannes Haller: "At the moment everything is too good to be true."

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