Jessica Haller: Will she raise her daughter Hailey-Su multilingual?

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Jessica Haller: Will she raise her daughter Hailey-Su multilingual?
Jessica Haller: Will she raise her daughter Hailey-Su multilingual?

Ex-Bachelorette Jessica Haller has been the mother of little Hailey-Su for a little over a year, whom she has with her husband Johannes Haller. She grew up in Germany as the daughter of Polish parents. She now lives with her small family in Ibiza, where Spanish is spoken. Now she has revealed how she wants to deal with the topic of bilingualism, i.e. multilingualism, when it comes to raising children.

How does Jessica speak to her daughter Hailey-Su?


Hailey-Su turned one year old a few weeks ago. Mama Jessica and Papa Johannes celebrated with a sugar-sweet picture book party. At the age of one, the babbling should start and Jessica's Instagram fans also asked themselves whether her reality star would like to raise her little daughter multilingually - and if so, in which language.

In a question and answer session, a follower asked what language the 32-year-old would speak to her daughter. Jessica replied, "I speak to her in Polish, hoping she picks it up."

Hailey-Su will not grow up bilingual

Jessica grew up in Germany. Born in Essen, she has Polish parents and also speaks the language. All the better that she also wants to share her linguistic heritage with the next generation. However, her daughter will not grow up bilingual, i.e. TWO languages, as the young mother went on to write in the question and answer session.

In addition to German and Polish, she also speaks English and Spanish with Hailey-Su. However, the 32-year-old does not reveal exactly how she does it. It's definitely quite a few languages for such a young baby. But it could give today's one-year-old a broader understanding of language later on. And in her adopted home, the Balearic island of Ibiza, Spanish and English are essential!

Happy family life in Ibiza

Jessica and Johannes Haller got married in December 2021. Already in May, the two crowned their family happiness with daughter Hailey-Su.

The love in this small family is obvious - whether they are called "Love", "Love", "Amor" or "Miłość"…

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