Rocco Stark has daughter Amelia (7) conjure up a new hairstyle for him

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Rocco Stark has daughter Amelia (7) conjure up a new hairstyle for him
Rocco Stark has daughter Amelia (7) conjure up a new hairstyle for him

Yes, in times of the corona lockdown, beauty routines and hairstyles are such a thing. What to do when beauty salons and hairdressers are closed? Amelia Stark, the little daughter of Rocco Stark and Kim Gloss, has an idea: she just does her dad's hair pretty. Does he think it's great too? You can see the result of the wild hair action in the video.

Rocco's daughter Amelia becomes a little hairstylist

Even if the relationship between Kim Gloss and Rocco Stark wasn't made for eternity, one thing will always connect them: their little daughter Amelia. The little princess has been a proud schoolchild since August 2019 and knows exactly what she wants. And when the 7-year-old wants to play hairdresser, Papa Rocco is also happy to be a visitor. At the moment he can't go to a hair salon anyway. It's nice to have your very own hair stylist at home, who can quickly conjure up a wild four-braid hairstyle or a casual hair clip look for dad. And not only that, Amelia ups the ante and gives her favorite daddy a manicure. They are available in the colors red and blue. Well, if Rocco isn't ready for the red carpet - if one were to take placeā€¦

In the jungle camp in 2012, there was a spark between Rocco and Kim

In the 2012 jungle camp, Rocco Stark and Kim Gloss quickly became closer. The jungle camp love was followed a year later by the "jungle camp baby". Amelia saw the light of day on February 11, 2013. Only four months later, however, the former jungle camp dream couple separated.

Rocco Stark found a new love in his girlfriend Nathalie, and a wedding followed. Unfortunately their love didn't last. Things are different with Kim Gloss: she has found the man for life in partner Alexander Beliaikin. The romantic marriage proposal in Russia followed in 2019. A wedding is currently being planned.

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