Rocco Stark wants to jog to the Vatican

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Rocco Stark wants to jog to the Vatican
Rocco Stark wants to jog to the Vatican

The corona pandemic is not only causing boredom for many - but also for some unusual ideas. This is also the case with Rocco Stark, who decided to jog to the Vatican without further ado. Supposedly there is an important message behind it…

I have something to sell at the Vatican

Relaxed on the sofa, with his glasses on and heartwarming music in the background - this is how Rocco Stark presents himself to his followers when he gives them an important message: "And I intend to move from Boltenhagen to to walk the Vatican.“Ah yes, … Why, many are probably asking themselves now. Quite simply: "I have something to sell at the Vatican." Now it's going to be a shoe!

1,770 kilometers to the Vatican

But wait a minute, the Vatican isn't just around the corner - it's in Rome. The former jungle camper suddenly becomes aware of this: "Of course I don't know if I can do it. That's 1,770 kilometers. That's a fat, fat number. I'll definitely try it.” Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It's not his 1st run with a message

But what exactly is behind this insane action? The 34-year-old tries to explain it again and finds a new approach: "It's not for a specific person."

We remember: Rocco Stark was only married a few days when his Natalie left him again. To prove his love to her, he jogged from Berlin to Munich. But all the effort did not help - his loved one was not impressed by this action.

But back to the current jogging action. At the end of his Insta story, it turns out that Rocco wants to draw attention to racism with this run. "That's why I decided that I'll run for every one of you out there: I run for every black man, for every white man," he explains. We are excited to see when it will start and whether it will really reach its destination…

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