Ex-"Jungle Camp" star Rocco Stark now has pink hair

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Ex-"Jungle Camp" star Rocco Stark now has pink hair
Ex-"Jungle Camp" star Rocco Stark now has pink hair

Once you didn't look properly, Rocco Stark's hair is pink. A hairy action with a political message - because Rocco is now jogging with his colorful head of hair from his home in Boltenhagen to the Vatican "to give something there"! Find out exactly what the reality TV star has planned and what his striking mane means in the video.

There is a message behind the change

The actor has made a lot of imaginary flags for his run: He not only wants to set an example against racism and discrimination of any kind, but also be part of the Black Lives Matter movement. For his project, he wears a basketball jersey and a button that adorns the names of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. He also wears an eye patch – for people who are systematically disadvantaged and excluded because of their disabilities.

A colorful potpourri that Rocco Stark wants to focus on with his run. However, he uses the very clichés and prejudices that he actually wants to denounce and throws terminology around wildly.

Already the second run with a message

By the way, this isn't the first time Rocco Stark has run for a cause. In September 2019 he made his way from Berlin to Munich. Why? The reality TV star wanted to save the relationship with his then-wife Nathalie with his mileage. In the end it didn't do him any good. Uwe Ochsenknecht's son announced on Instagram at the end of 2019 that he was now officially divorced.

Rocco's hope is that his second run will end up moving more than the first.

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