"Battle of the Reality Stars": War of the Sexes

"Battle of the Reality Stars": War of the Sexes
"Battle of the Reality Stars": War of the Sexes

Acute lack of men in "Battle of the Reality Stars". At the beginning of the eighth episode of the RTL II show, Andrej Mangold, Gino Bormann and Cosimo Citiolo are only three men among the ten remaining stars. The newcomers do not change the gender imbalance. As always, a woman and a man come. The makers don't change anything in this mode, although they usually like to change the rules unannounced. But more on that later.

The woman is Xenia Princess of Saxony, who has been touring through various trash formats for years and is greeted by those present like an old friend. The man is Rocco Stark, an actor, Ochsenknecht's son - and also a reality regular. The newcomers are the last stragglers before the show hits the home stretch in the final two episodes.

Big Sisters vs. Little Brothers

The production exacerbates the underlying battle of the sexes. The four lords of creation are sent alone to the punishment game. In the game called "Big Sister", Andrej, Cosimo, Gino and Rocco have to guess which candidate is ahead of the other women in categories such as "Who has two faces" or "Which woman flirts with her charms". There are cans of beer and chips on the table, which also encourages the guys to get into a regulars' mood. Especially Cosimo doesn't mince words.

What the four of them don't know: The women watch their men's group live on a screen. And apparently they don't know that it's not the men who choose which woman is the most attractive for them, but which woman they think the other women chose them for. This leads to a number of misunderstandings, which are also fueled by the fact that neither men nor women know what the word "flirt" means, for example.

Back in the sala, Kader Loth awaits the boys with demonstrative sharpening of knives. The misunderstanding is quickly cleared up, but the women are rightly annoyed by some of the men's insensitive comments. The women accept the men's apologies, but because they didn't name all the women correctly in the game, they are still punished. They are chained together for ten hours. Would be uncomfortable enough, even if Cosimo didn't use a knife or had to go to the toilet all the time, since he emptied a number of beer cans in a very short time during the punishment game.

Battle of the genders also in the final

The gender clash continues at the "Moment of Truth". In order not to further weaken the male quota, Rocco negotiates with Xenia that the newcomers will not vote out a guy. Instead, it hits Aminata Sanogo, the "Germany's Next Top Model" fourth from 2014 has to move out again after just one episode.

But then there is the ostracism of the established candidates. There, no participant is protected by gender. Except, of course, Andrei. The controversial bachelor "saved" again, as in the last few episodes. Otherwise he would have been out weeks ago. Andrej wins the safety game with Loona. It is the controversial cocktail spitting game that the contestants refused to do in the previous season under the vocal leadership of J├╝rgen Milski. Two stars must transport liquids in their mouths to a cocktail glass and then drink. This time the candidates weren't as sensitive.

So Andrej and Loona are save. Alessia Herren and Gino collect the most negative votes. It ends up getting Gino. But the Prince Charming can remain surprising, no one has to go. As is so often the case, the makers break the rules to remain unpredictable. Now, in the next two episodes, the stars who wanted to vote Gino out have to face his wrath.

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