"The Summer House of the Stars": These relationships failed afterwards

"The Summer House of the Stars": These relationships failed afterwards
"The Summer House of the Stars": These relationships failed afterwards

The sixth season of the RTL show "Das Sommerhaus der Stars - Kampf der Promipaare" is currently being broadcast. On October 28, the final will decide which couple will leave the house as the winner. However, the preceding weeks have also put some relationships to the test. According to their own statements, there has been a crisis between Mike Cees-Monballijn and his wife Michelle Monballijn since participating. A couples therapist has already been consulted. Does the notorious "summer house curse" strike again? These celebrity couples from previous seasons went their separate ways after filming.

Angelina Heger and Rocco Stark

Ex-"Bachelor" candidate Angelina Heger, today Angelina Pannek, and actor Rocco Stark split up before the first "summer house" episode had flickered across the screens. The two got together in January 2016, five months later it was all over again. "It's very difficult for me to share that today, but unfortunately we finally broke up," Stark said at the time via Facebook. "Rocco and I have decided to go our separate ways with immediate effect," confirmed Heger. They finished last in Season 1 of The Stars Summer Home.

Xenia Princess of Saxony and Rajab Hassan

Xenia Princess of Saxony and Rajab Hassan were able to win the first "summer house" season, but their love didn't last either. The couple split up about six months after their victory. "Yes, we broke up, but we remain friends and colleagues," said the 35-year-old. Their relationship lasted around seven years and they have a son together.

Helena Fürst and Ennesto Monté

A fast forward relationship or is it all fake? The relationship between ex-jungle star Helena Fürst and singer Ennesto Monté, which lasted only a few months, made headlines. Even before the second "summer house" season was broadcast, they officially announced their separation. After all, the couple made it to second place.

Nico Hahn and Saskia Atzerodt

First place was secured in the second season by model Nico Schwartz and former "Bachelor" candidate Saskia Atzerodt. The two even got engaged right after their triumph. But instead of wedding bells, there were accusations. The separation followed shortly afterwards."The love of the two was put to the test in the house and then went out," said a statement from management. Their love only lasted a year.

Martin and Sonja Semmelrogge

Acting star Martin Semmelrogge and his wife Sonja had been married for almost 20 years when they took part in the second season in 2017. The couple, who have a daughter together, split shortly after the show. The two took last place. Then came the shock in August 2018: Sonja Semmelrogge died at the age of only 54.

Aurelio Savina and Lisa Freidinger

They had big plans: ex-"Bachelorette" candidate Aurelio Savina and Lisa Freidinger. After her sixth place finish in season two, she got engaged and entered the hospitality industry. But her Munich restaurant "Comera" had to close for financial reasons. In June 2018, the two finally made their separation public.

Bert Wollersheim and Bobby Anne Baker

The viewers realized pretty quickly in the third season of 2018 that this love cannot last: Even in the "Summer House of the Stars" there was a lot of bad mood between Bert Wollersheim and Bobby Anne Baker. The two had only started dating a few months before the show. "The short time we had was harmonious, but then it wasn't so harmonious in the summer house. There was also a verbal one from life," explained Wollersheim after moving out. The two had to leave the "summer house" as the first couple. Shortly after the split, Wollersheim announced his relationship with Ginger Costello, with whom he has been dating ever since.

Micaela Schäfer and Felix Steiner

Even between Micaela Schäfer and Felix Steiner, shreds often flew in the show. A short time later they went their separate ways. "We broke up right after the 'summer house'," explained the erotic model. The reason is their different views and behavior in public. The two have been a couple since December 2015. In "Summer House" they took fifth place.

Patricia Blanco and Nico Gollnick

There was no happy ending for Patricia Blanco and Nico Gollnick. The daughter of the singer Roberto Blanco was only in a relationship with the entrepreneur for several months. "So my dears, I would like to inform you that Nico and I are going our separate ways from now on," the 50-year-old turned to her fans. Unfortunately, in the end it turned out that "we don't complement each other as well as we initially hoped," Blanco tried to explain the reasons for the separation. The two met and fell in love in a Berlin champagne bar at the end of 2017 and dared the great adventure "Summer House of the Stars" in 2018. They took fourth place on the RTL show.

Benjamin Boyce and Kate Merlan

Before episode five of season four aired, couple Benjamin Boyce and Kate Merlan revealed they had split two months after filming wrapped. "We have completely different visions of how a relationship should work," said Benjamin Boyce in an RTL interview. Kate Merlan said something similar: "I think we were just too different". In the "Summer House of the Stars" she had repeatedly had the impression that the relationship no longer made sense. The singer and the model have been in a relationship since the summer of 2018. In "Summer House" 2019 they reached sixth place.

Johannes Haller and Yeliz Koc

At the end of December 2019, the separation of "Bachelorette" participant Johannes Haller and "Bachelor" candidate Yeliz Koc became known. In March 2020, they gave their relationship another chance. At the beginning of May 2020, the couple separated again. "I know it's really over this time," Koc said at the time. For the ex-couple it was enough for fifth place in the “Summer House of the Stars”.

Willi Herren and Jasmin Herren

Haller's "summer house" archenemy, Willi Herren, who has since died, also had a relationship crisis after the show. In December 2019, he and his wife Jasmin announced their separation after 17 years. The great love comeback followed in February 2020. But after participating in the show "Temptation Island VIP" together, the couple separated again in March 2021. One month later, Willi Herren died unexpectedly at the age of only 45.

Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange

They counted as the flagship couple of the dome show "The Bachelor". But just a month after the broadcast of "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" 2020, Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange surprisingly announced the end of their relationship. The couple had previously faced fierce criticism and allegations of bullying on social media. Too much for the happiness of love? Mangold explained in an interview in February 2021 that he and his former partner had "different ideas for the future". The shit storm after the "summer house" finally made the camel overflow. But their love wasn't the only one that failed. The rival couple, Chris Broy and Eva Benetatou, split in April 2021. Broy's participation in "Battle of the Reality Stars" was to blame.

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