Barbara Schöneberger raves about Boris "Bobbele" Becker

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Barbara Schöneberger raves about Boris "Bobbele" Becker
Barbara Schöneberger raves about Boris "Bobbele" Becker

Listen: While tennis legend Boris Becker is serving his sentence in Great Britain, a big fan of his is in Germany. In a podcast, presenter Barbara Schöneberger raves about "Bobbele".

Barbara Schöneberger and Marlene Lufen go into raptures

In the current episode of her podcast "With the waffles of a woman", Barbara chats happily with her guest, the "Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen" presenter Marlene Lufen, about her taste in men. When preparing for the talk, she read that Boris Becker would totally fit into Marlene's prey scheme and of course she followed up immediately.

The 51-year-old reveals: "Definitely" but adds: "When he was no longer the 'Bobbele', but when Barbara Becker had already made him a 'cool man'". But the hostess also suddenly gets enthusiastic when it comes to the "Wimbledon" winner.

However, the sparks never jumped over

Barbara Schöneberger has met Boris in person several times in the course of her career and remembers the highlights of his impressive career: "When Boris Becker was somewhere, it was as if the Lord himself had descended on earth".

But when Marlene then asked curiously whether she would have found the 53-year-old attractive, she replies with a laugh, "For various reasons, it was not the case that things would have really cracked sexually between us".

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