Princess Victoria & Princess Mette-Marit best friends

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Princess Victoria & Princess Mette-Marit best friends
Princess Victoria & Princess Mette-Marit best friends

Princess Victoria of Sweden and Princess Mette-Marit of Norway are much more than just royal colleagues, as the two have been close friends for years. At a joint appointment in Stockholm, they even rave about each other in the highest tones. You can see the touching declaration of love between the two princesses in the video above.

Friendly Royal Houses: Sweden and Norway

Mette-Marit and her husband Prince Haakon are currently visiting Sweden, where they are doing some public events together with Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel. An easy game for the team of four, because the two couples are a well-rehearsed team. On the first day of the Norwegian couple's official visit, the two women shared an unusually private and emotional glimpse into their close friendship, as you can see in the video above.

Princess Victoria is the godmother of Princess Alexandra of Norway

By the way, Victoria is the goddaughter of Princess Alexandra, the eldest daughter of Mette-Marit and Haakon. As heir to the throne of Norway, the 18-year-old can certainly get one or the other advice from Victoria in the future, after all, King Carl Gustaf's eldest daughter is very familiar with this role. The friendship between the two couples heir to the throne is undoubtedly something very special.

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