Charlène of Monaco shows her loving side at a royal appointment

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Charlène of Monaco shows her loving side at a royal appointment
Charlène of Monaco shows her loving side at a royal appointment

Back to work! After a 15-month hiatus and convalescence, Princess Charlene of Monaco is finally returning to her royal duties. Since her return, her schedule has become increasingly full. During a visit to the maternity ward of the Princess Grace Hospital Center, the princess appears unusually approachable and loving. What is behind the visit…

Charlène shows her loving side

Prince Albert's wife gave birth to her twins herself in the maternity ward at Princess Grace Hospital Centre. During her public appearance, the Princess had the opportunity to tour the facility and meet both the newborns in the Principality and their parents.

In the rooms, Charlène has come unusually close to the families, for which a new chapter in life begins with the arrival of a new member. Wearing a black and white midi dress, matching sandals and a protective mask, the South African native greeted the new parents and chatted with them in a relaxed manner as she sat in a chair or stood around the cots where the new Monegasques slept peacefully slept. Especially with the children, the 44-year-old showed her most loving side. The footage shows the princess gently stroking the newborns and holding their little hands.

Hospital full of memories

During her visit, Charlène was greeted by Frédéric Platini, Secretary General of the Monegasque Red Cross, Dr. Mathieu Liberatore, a member of the board of the Monegasque Red Cross, and representatives of the management of the he alth center. The hospital is closely associated with the Grimaldi family, not only because it bears the name of the late Princess Grace, but also because many of the royal family's children were born here. Twins Jacques and Gabriella, Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi, the three eldest children of Caroline of Monaco, as well as Louis and Pauline Ducruet, the two eldest children of Stephanie of Monaco, were born here.

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