Charlene of Monaco: caught in the "golden cage"? Work of art is a mystery

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Charlene of Monaco: caught in the "golden cage"? Work of art is a mystery
Charlene of Monaco: caught in the "golden cage"? Work of art is a mystery

Art is known to be in the eye of the beholder. So what the picture now shared by Charlene of Monaco of her first own commissioned NFT collection is supposed to say is left to speculation. But some followers see a deeper meaning in it.

Digital Art Items Show Charlene of Monaco

In her post posted on her Instagram account, Prince Albert's wife is busy promoting her first NFT collection, created in collaboration with the artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal."Non-Fungible Tokens" are unique, non-exchangeable digital content, in this case art. Individual image fragments that can be purchased are arranged in a grid in the posting, which as a whole result in the artificially represented, alienated portrait of the nobles.

Just a random grid or a deliberately used pattern to represent a cage? Whether due to the arrangement or the serious look of the royal in the artwork: Among the followers, people are busy guessing what the number is supposed to be.

"In a golden cage", interprets a follower. Another fan writes: "I want to make you a little happier." Trapped and unhappy? This is not how all followers see the story behind the NFTs: Some just find it “beautiful” what the princess has brought to the market, diligently send emoji hearts.

The sad Princess of Monaco?

The fact that the unfortunate impression of the blue-blooded from Monaco seems tailor-made for the thin body is not only due to the art. There have long been rumors of a serious marital crisis with her Albert. After her months-long absence last year, when she had to endure an ENT illness in South Africa, the former swimmer returned to Albert and her twins in the spring. But then she had to go straight back to a clinic for luxury treatment in Switzerland.

Her smile in the photo with her husband, taken recently on the occasion of their eleventh wedding anniversary, looks rather tortured and forced. Even before that, when she visited an event with her family, she had noticed how worried and absent the princess still seemed, even after the treatment.

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