Letizia of Spain: Queen has a tough fitness routine

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Letizia of Spain: Queen has a tough fitness routine
Letizia of Spain: Queen has a tough fitness routine

Just recently, Queen Letizia of Spain wowed and shocked her subjects with a daring cut-out gown that showcased her impressive abs. In addition to the question of whether a queen is allowed to show herself so freely, many people were concerned with one thing above all when they saw the well-trained monarch: How does Letizia manage to be in such great shape? Spoilers: nothing comes from nothing.

Queen Letizia trains hard for her muscles

Muscular upper arms and abs you could crack nuts on. Not only is not a gram too much for Letizia, she is also in perfect shape. It is known that the queen is said to practice yoga and zumba. She is also said to be a regular at the Zarzuela Palace gym, where she also likes to do a lot of exercise on the exercise bike. According to the Spanish magazine "El Español", Letizia should also regularly do tricep exercises on the wall for her perfectly defined upper arms.

If you want to make sure that Letizia's sports program is really effective, you can see her impressive abs in the video below.

We don't eat sugar at home

But sport alone is not the reason for Letizia's fitness. The 49-year-old is also very disciplined when it comes to eating and pays extreme attention to he althy eating. As a goodwill ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Queen has often spoken about the benefits of the so-called Mediterranean diet. Fresh vegetables, salad, lots of fruit, he althy oils, little meat and lots of fish are on the menu. And little sugar.

There is no cheating. According to Vogue, while visiting an ice cream parlor, Letizia asked for sugar-free ice cream and explained, "We don't eat sugar at home."

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