Award Ceremony: Muscle performance by Queen Letizia

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Award Ceremony: Muscle performance by Queen Letizia
Award Ceremony: Muscle performance by Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia of Spain proved once again that she is the undisputed queen of hamstrings in the royal circle at the awards ceremony on Sunday as part of the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest.

Royal beauty appears modest in a 22 euro dress

At the closing ceremony, where she presented her trophy to French actress Isabelle Huppert, the Spaniard appeared in a simple sleeveless black satin dress. The cut perfectly showcased the queen's steeled arms.

The price of the dress is also remarkable. According to "Express", the queen shelled out just 22 euros for it. It comes from last season by the Spanish label Zara. She combined it with flat shoes with jewels by Magrit and a beaded clutch by Mango.

The Queen likes to show off her arms

Apparently Letizia likes to show off this part of the body, because she often appears in an armless outfit when the dress code and/or the season allow it. For example at the Mallorcan Film Fest last year or at the gala dinner in honor of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella also in 2021.

The life and work of the French film star were honored at the closing gala of this year's Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest. She received the Masters of Cinema Award for this.

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