Willem-Alexander & Máxima: They give Ukrainian refugees a castle

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Willem-Alexander & Máxima: They give Ukrainian refugees a castle
Willem-Alexander & Máxima: They give Ukrainian refugees a castle

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima do a lot for refugees in the Netherlands. Now they are showing particularly great solidarity with the women, children and families from Ukraine - they want to offer them shelter in the castle so that the refugees can live with a feeling of security.

A Castle for Ukrainian Refugees

It's important not just to talk about what you could do - it's important to set an example and make things happen! The Dutch royal couple have now announced that they want to make their castle "'t Oude Loo" available to offer refugees from Ukraine a roof over their heads. The website of the Dutch Royal Palace states: "From mid-April the palace will serve as a reception center for refugees from Ukraine."

The castle is located about 90 kilometers from Amsterdam in the town of Apeldoorn. It is a state-owned castle, currently rented by the King, and was used as a "hunting lodge" in the past. So it's not the castle where the royal family lives. Nevertheless, Willem-Alexander's aunt, Princess Margriet, lives nearby. But that shouldn't matter much to the refugees - what counts is a safe roof over their heads. According to the palace, around six to eight families, or twenty to thirty people, should be accommodated there.

Máxima is very committed to refugees


In the past few days, Máxima had made several appointments to speak personally with women and children who had to flee their home country. In a contact point for refugees in Amsterdam, she showed particular sensitivity and compassion. In addition, she carefully chose her outfit in the national colors of Ukraine.

She also attended two schools in The Hague, where Ukrainian refugee children are also taught.

The Dutch palace wrote on Instagram: "For Ukrainian children who had to leave their homes because of the war, just like other refugee children, it is important that they can lead a normal life again as soon as possible." Máxima would like to make her contribution - and not only show solidarity, but live it.

Máxima and Willem-Alexander now want to express this with a lock.

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