National day: Sweden mad

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National day: Sweden mad
National day: Sweden mad

The Swedes traditionally celebrate their national day on June 6th. And after a two-year Corona break, this year was even particularly boisterous, as you could see from the beaming faces of the Swedish royals, who were of course at the forefront. But one member of the royal family was not only glaringly absent, but also silent: Princess Madeleine. That didn't go over well with the Swedes.

Reading tip: The Swedish royals celebrated the national day so happily.

No Instagram post from Princess Madeleine for National Day

Since 2018, Madeleine of Sweden has lived in Florida with her husband Chris O'Neill and their children Adrienne, Leonore and Nicolas. But even from afar, the princess had celebrated the national holiday at least on Instagram in recent years and sent a greeting to her Swedish homeland. In 2022, however, the 39-year-old's account remained silent. No photos of the princess with her children waving little Swedish flags. No word on National Day.

This upsets the Swedes, as the newspaper "Svensk Dam" writes: "It is the first time that the princess has not mentioned the holiday on Instagram!"

This is how Madeleine greeted on National Day 2021 from the USA

Sweden disappointed that Madeleine didn't come

The Swedes would have preferred it even more if the princess had traveled from the USA to celebrate the day. After travel had not been possible in recent years due to the corona pandemic, there was great joy when Madeleine was finally allowed to travel to her old home again with her husband and children in 2021. Crown Princess Victoria's younger sister even celebrated her father King Carl XVI's 75th birthday in April 2021. Missed Gustaf because travel restrictions made a trip to Sweden impossible at the time.

But currently it would have been perfectly possible for Madeleine to travel to the national holiday to celebrate with the Swedes. But she decided against it. The Court's Information Officer, Margareta Thorgren, explained the Princess' absence ahead of the celebrations: “Princess Madeleine resides in the United States. She plans to return to Sweden with her family in the summer, but only after the national day."

"So there was neither a Madeleine in Swedish national costume nor a peep from Florida", "Svensk Dam" sums up the disappointment of the Swedes. But there is a small glimmer of hope: Madeleine is said to want to celebrate her 40th birthday on June 10 in Sweden, according to the newspaper.

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