"Gaga" to "Wombat": These are the nicknames the British royals give themselves

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"Gaga" to "Wombat": These are the nicknames the British royals give themselves
"Gaga" to "Wombat": These are the nicknames the British royals give themselves

The British royal family does not differ from all other households in one respect: Instead of the actual names of the individual family members, various nicknames and pet names are called through Buckingham Palace. The children of Prince William and Duchess Kate are apparently responsible for the latest of them. The video shows what the couple calls each other.

"Gary" and "Cabbage"

Duchess Camilla recently revealed that she is called "Gaga" by George, Charlotte and Louis. According to "The Mirror", she made this public in an appropriate setting - during a conversation with Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, the children are said to address their husband Prince Charles as "Grandpa Wales". In addition, the three are said to want to know everything about their "Granny Diana".

You are in good tradition with your own father. Because Prince William is said to have had his problems with calling Queen Elizabeth "Grandmother". Instead, a "Gary" came out of him. Prince George, on the other hand, calls the Queen "Gan-Gan" - it's easier on the lips than "Great-Grandmother".

A wombat named William

Willam also has an unusual pet name, which is said to have been given to him by his late mother Diana - "Wombat". A joint trip to Australia in Williams' early childhood is said to have led to the nickname, since then he "simply can't get rid of it. Not because I look like a wombat - or maybe I do?'

Reading tip: The royals are misleading with these aliases

"Tungsten" Meghan?

In a conversation with James Corden, it became clear that Duchess Meghan has several pet names for her husband. They range from "Prince Harr" to "Haz" to a short "H". He counters with a more conventional "Meg".

Much more can be interpreted into the nickname that Meghan is said to have received from her father-in-law Prince Charles. It is said that he christened it "Tungsten", meaning "Wolfram". This has the highest melting point of all metals and is considered almost impossible to bend, but also difficult to handle at times…

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