Pregnant Kim Gloss: "I feel like a whale"

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Pregnant Kim Gloss: "I feel like a whale"
Pregnant Kim Gloss: "I feel like a whale"

The former DSDS star Kim Gloss is heavily pregnant and is about to give birth. In which week of pregnancy the singer is exactly is not known. The mom-to-be now reveals on Instagram how much she has gained since the last weight update.

I feel like a whale

"How much weight have you gained so far? I feel like a whale,ā€¯wants to know a follower who is obviously also pregnant. "50lbs and I feel like a whale too by the way," Kim replies.

Tips against the heat

But it's not just the extra pounds that are bothering the 29-year-old at the moment. The heat is also difficult for the mother-to-be to bear. There's only one thing that helps: "Hanging on the fan," she reveals. "I take a lukewarm shower several times a day and also at night and use Ice shower gel."

Kim reveals why she wants a cesarean

This is Kim and her husband Alexander Beliaikin's first child together. Daughter Amelia is from her previous relationship with Rocco Stark. Her second child, like Amelia, is due to be delivered via caesarean section - and for a very specific reason. She recently spoke quite openly about the fact that she wanted to protect her private parts with it, among other things.

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