Jennifer Lopez & Co: Stars who just don't age

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Jennifer Lopez & Co: Stars who just don't age
Jennifer Lopez & Co: Stars who just don't age

Hollywood is a tough place - but some stars just get lucky. No matter how long they've been around, they just don't age. No one can say whether this is due to the good genes or the beauty doc. In the video we show our top three of a total of ten stars who still look the same today as they did at the beginning of their careers.

Antman Star Paul Rudd

Actor Paul Rudd, who just celebrated his 50th birthday in April, just doesn't age. The American starred in the 1995 film "Clueless - Was Else?" a teenager and could still play that role in a remake.

Singer Avril Lavigne

The Canadian singer Avril Lavigne started out as a cheeky teenage brat with the song "Skater Boi" in 2002. Several albums and two divorces later, she has now become a real lady. But at 35, you can't tell that she's already an old hand in showbiz.

Pop Star Jennifer Lopez

At the end of September, pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez surprised Milan Fashion Week when she wore a dress for Versace that die-hard fans should be familiar with: a detailed recreation of her iconic Grammy look from 2000. Even hers The 50-year-old's hairdo was reminiscent of her earlier red carpet appearances and, surprisingly, JLo can still rock the look!

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