Bibi & Julian Claßen separated: Is the "BibisBeautyPalace" empire collapsing now?

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Bibi & Julian Claßen separated: Is the "BibisBeautyPalace" empire collapsing now?
Bibi & Julian Claßen separated: Is the "BibisBeautyPalace" empire collapsing now?

Julian and Bianca "Bibi" Classen are separated. A shock message that caused a tremor in the internet world. 13 years - since school - the two YouTubers were a couple. One that struck so many as unshakable. Now it's over between the two. The problem: The network stars, who are parents of two children, have built a common empire. Houses, apartments, Instagram, a cosmetics line - in the video we analyze whether this could now be the end of my career.

Julian and Bibi have two children together

2018 Bibi and Julian said yes. In the same year, their son Lio was born. Daughter Emily enlarged the family in March 2020. The Claßens live in Cologne, but have been building an XXL dream house on Mallorca for some time. In addition, Julian and Bianca have also reported on their YouTube accounts about other apartments that they are making available for rent. Possessions to share now.

Real Estate, Own Cosmetic Line, Podcast

But apartments are not the only part of the "BibisBeautyPalace" empire, as Bianca Claßen is called on YouTube and Instagram. Her own cosmetics line and a joint podcast are also part of the mega career of the network stars. The couple became popular mainly because they gave their followers so many private insights on various platforms.

Now there was a separation, which, as Julian revealed in an Instagram story, apparently came from Bibi. Will that also lead to a career break?

Julian finally ruled out that it was a prank. In addition, pictures appeared in which both Julian and Bibi were believed to be, suggesting that they are already distracted with others.

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