Jamie Dornan on being a father: "Kids change everything"

Jamie Dornan on being a father: "Kids change everything"
Jamie Dornan on being a father: "Kids change everything"

British actor Jamie Dornan has been married to colleague Amelia Warner since 2013. The two have three daughters together: Dulcie, Elva and Alberta. The father role has greatly influenced the life of the Hollywood star. "Children change everything," explains the 40-year-old in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

This is how his children challenge him

"You might think you're a certain person or do things a certain way - and then kids will challenge you in all kinds of ways that you might never have been prepared for," Dornan continues."But in the best way."

The actor is also certain: "You only find your true personality when you have children." But that shouldn't mean "that childless people don't also have a strong identity of their own." In his eyes, however, children are a catalyst for this. But his friends also helped the 40-year-old to find himself. "I've had the same group of friends since I was a kid," said the Briton. "If you've managed to hold on to the identity that gave you these amazing long-term friends, that's a good indicator."

Jamie Dornan traveled to Australia with his family

Dornan stars in the new thriller series The Tourist. In it, the "Fifty Shades" star plays a man who is pushed off the road by a tanker truck in the Australian outback and wakes up in hospital with no memory. The actor had to travel to the other end of the world for the filming. "Especially during the Corona pandemic, it was a great time to be there because the country had so few cases," explains the family man. "So if you were willing to face the two-week quarantine in your hotel room, you could work pretty freely there compared to the rest of the world at the time."

Dornan didn't have to do without his family during filming. "I had my whole family with me. We lived there for five months, my children went to school in Australia." His eldest daughter would still regularly call her Australian school friends. "It's a beautiful thing," enthuses Dornan. The family felt very comfortable in Australia, and he couldn't wait to get a job Down Under again. "But it should also be suitable for my family." The 40-year-old admits with a smile: "I love the people there."

"The Tourist - Duell im Outback" will be available in the ZDF media library from August 12th. The series will also start on TV on August 22, also on ZDF.

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