Anne Heche († 53): Machines parked after horror accident in Los Angeles

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Anne Heche († 53): Machines parked after horror accident in Los Angeles
Anne Heche († 53): Machines parked after horror accident in Los Angeles

Sad news from Hollywood! Anne Heche has died at the age of 53. The actress succumbed to her injuries after a terrible car accident. On August 5, the “Ally McBeal” star crashed into a house in Los Angeles with her Mini Cooper. As a result, the vehicle caught fire and Anne suffered severe burns and lung damage.

Her longtime friend Nancy Davis wrote on Instagram: "Heaven has a new angel. My beloved friend Anne Heche has passed away. I will miss her terribly."

Her ex-girlfriend, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, wrote in her story: "It's a sad day. I send all my love to Anne's children, family and friends.” The two women were a couple in the 1990s.

Severe anoxic brain trauma

Since the accident in which Anne Heche had cocaine and fentanyl in her blood, she has been in critical condition and in a coma. A statement from her family released by American media on August 11 said: “Unfortunately, Anne Heche suffered severe anoxic brain trauma in her accident. […] She is not expected to survive.” Shortly thereafter, the actress was declared brain dead.

A spokesman stressed that the 53-year-old's last wish should be honored: "She has chosen to donate her organs and she is being placed on life support to see if any are viable."

Cocaine and fentanyl found in blood

The devastating accident happened on the morning of August 5 in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles. Anne's car crashed into a house at high speed and only came to a stop after almost ten meters. A fire then broke out. According to the police, 59 firefighters were on duty and it took 65 minutes to extinguish the fire. While Anne's condition initially appeared stable and she was still conscious, the extent of her injuries was only later revealed.

Right after the crash, speculation arose as to whether the actress was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to media reports, a blood test finally revealed that the 53-year-old had consumed cocaine and the painkiller fentanyl. However, she is said not to have been drunk.

Mum of two

Anne Heche leaves behind two sons, Atlas and Homer. She is known for roles in films such as Donnie Brasco, Six Days Seven Nights, Wag the Dog and Volcano, and has received an Emmy. TV viewers know her from series like “Ally McBeal” and “Nip/Tuck”. Anne dated talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for a while during the '90s.

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