"Tales of the Walking Dead": New stories from the apocalypse

"Tales of the Walking Dead": New stories from the apocalypse
"Tales of the Walking Dead": New stories from the apocalypse

"The Walking Dead" is impossible to kill. While the main series celebrates its grand finale soon after eleven seasons, a new offshoot starts in the USA today, August 14th. "Tales of the Walking Dead" is an anthology series and tells several stories from the zombie apocalypse.

The stakes are "much" in Tales of the Walking Dead

"Six different stories. A dead world": With these words, the broadcaster AMC describes the spin-off. "People thought I was crazy. Nobody believed that this could happen. No one ever thinks bad things are going to happen," says Terry Crews, aka Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in a trailer.

Viewers have known very well what could happen for many years. Because even these six episodes will almost certainly not survive every character trying to find their way in a sea of undead. "There's a lot at stake in every story," the broadcaster says. The characters face "life-threatening choices."

Besides crews, the cast's most notable names include Olivia Munn, Samantha Morton, Parker Posey and Jessie T. Usher, who plays the A-Train in "The Boys". So not only will there be new characters to see, well-known characters will also celebrate a return. Because Morton is known as "Alpha" to fans of the universe.

It is currently not clear whether this offshoot should remain with six episodes in general. When and where the whole thing will be shown in Germany is just as uncertain. Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are likely to be among the hottest streaming candidates.

Many stories to come

Meanwhile, the main series "The Walking Dead" ends this fall. 16 of a total of 24 episodes of the eleventh season have already been shown, and the US broadcaster will show the last eight from October 2nd. In Germany, fans can access the latest episodes on the Disney+ streaming service. The final episodes should then also appear in this country shortly after the US start.

The end time for the "Walking Dead" brand is far from over. On the one hand, series fans can already watch the spin-offs "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" and "Fear the Walking Dead" on Amazon Prime Video. On the other hand, three more offshoots have already been confirmed.

Maggie and Negan are expected to return for Isle of the Dead in 2023. A six-part series about Rick and Michonne will also be released next year. Another spin-off would revolve around Daryl and Carol. However, McBride said goodbye to the project, which is why Reedus' character should now be the focus.

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