Best Movie Ever Review: Is that you with the wavy mane, , Penélope Cruz?

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Best Movie Ever Review: Is that you with the wavy mane, , Penélope Cruz?
Best Movie Ever Review: Is that you with the wavy mane, , Penélope Cruz?

Hardly recognizable: Penélope Cruz as a constantly banging director with bushy armpit hair and a red wavy mane that even the cartoon heroine Merida would be jealous of. In the comedy "The Best Movie of All Time" she plays a director who is at least eccentric and who has to deal with several first-class alpha males in her new film.

Penélope Cruz plays a crazy power woman with big hair

There's film financier Humberto, for example. The 80-year-old moneybag doesn't want to be remembered as a rich pharmaceutical tycoon, but with something important. A bridge maybe? Oh no, it's supposed to be a movie, and it's supposed to be the best of all time. You find him an award-winning novel, which Humberto of course didn't read to the end - and a renowned director - in fact Lola, played with enthusiasm and comedic talent by Penélope Cruz. The red curls suit her extremely well with the chic, but sometimes exaggerated pantsuits of the art maker, who, like her male colleagues, likes to sit with her legs apart.

Lola does seem a bit restless - not only on her new patron Humberto. But then she tells us about the book she wants to film. So thrilling, so captivating, so mysterious that we viewers can't wait to finally see this super film about two rival brothers.

Has more brains and more hair than the two machos together: Penélope Cruz as Lola

Everything could be so beautiful if it weren't for the two vain roosters that the two main characters are supposed to play. Both world stars: Iván - Elder Statesman and theater luminary - and Félix, professional youth overpaid film star with barely grown girlfriend. And they're both used to being the only one getting attention. It quickly becomes clear: With the two of them, the preparations for Lola will become a nightmare. We viewers have to fear that we will never see the "best film of all time".

The comedy by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat is certainly not the best film of all time, but it's quite entertaining. The way the two supermachos with overly big egos not only harass each other, but especially the younger lesbian director, is wonderful. And the annoyed Lola severely punishes the gentlemen for the cockfights. Because the whole thing is of course a bitter satire and sometimes close to the caricature, we are not emotionally affected. But we still get the finest actor's cinema and a story with a few surprises that make us smile a lot. And Penélope Cruz in top form. Her Lola is a stunner and has more of everything than the rest of the crew: more in the head, more charm and of course more hair.

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