How the Clean Girl aesthetic brings out our natural beauty

How the Clean Girl aesthetic brings out our natural beauty
How the Clean Girl aesthetic brings out our natural beauty

The days of extravagant, eye-catching make-up are over. If you are on TikTok and other social media platforms and find out about the latest fashion and beauty trends there, you cannot avoid a hashtag at the moment. At the top of the trend right now is a trend that focuses on emphasizing natural beauty: the clean girl aesthetic. We've got the best inspiration for the new skin minimalism.

The Clean Girls of the Hour

It's a very clean and minimal look that embodies the perfect girl with flawless skin and a hairstyle that stays on point. Role models for this lifestyle movement are models and influencers such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Clean Girl Makeup Routine

These features are characteristic of the beauty look of the clean girl aesthetic: the skin looks well-groomed and fresh and as if it had hardly any make-up on it. There is a specific make-up routine behind it. To conjure up the clean girl look, all you need is a light foundation and concealer. This will cover any skin imperfections and create an even complexion. A restrained blush in combination with gentle contouring and restrained highlighting ensures a gentle glow. The aim is to look as if the skin has just been slightly tanned by the sun.

In combination with this no make-up look, the eyebrows are combed upwards with an eyebrow gel. To round off the make-up, apply some mascara afterwards to emphasize the eye area and optionally some lip gloss to ensure a shimmering shine on the lips as well. In general, clean girls should remember one thing: less is more. It's a very simple, neutral and minimalist style.

Faced Focused Hair

To complete the clean girl aesthetic, the hair is combed to the center parting and then the hair is combed back in a sleek look. With the hairstyle, the focus is clearly on the face. As a rule, clean girls wear their hair tied up - whether in a ponytail, braided pigtail, bun or pinned up with a stylish hair clip.

The Clean Girl Outfit

The styling also adapts to minimalism. In line with the clean styling, clean girls mainly wear single-colored basics such as white T-shirts and matching biker shorts. Cargo trousers are also very popular at the moment. The look is rounded off with elegant statement jewelery in gold or silver.

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