The "Gossip Girl" style is back: How to style the preppy look

The "Gossip Girl" style is back: How to style the preppy look
The "Gossip Girl" style is back: How to style the preppy look

Stiffy is the new cool! The influencers and models Caro Daur, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are leading the way: the preppy look is celebrating a brilliant and stylish comeback in 2022. The reinterpreted college chic reminds us of the time when the series "Gossip Girl" was very popular around 2010. With the reboot of the cult series about a group of we althy New York high school students, the trend is back in focus.

Preppy Look - anything but stuffy

The English word "preppy" means "dapper" or "bourgeois". The name "preppy look" also refers to the American "preparatory schools" and the traditional uniforms in boarding schools and private schools. Beyond the school desk, however, the style is combined with a lot of bare skin. Emily Ratajkowski shows her cropped version of the preppy style on Instagram: The model wears a shirt and sweater in a crooped look and combines it with a dark blue pleated midi skirt.

Caro Daur even goes one step further with her interpretation. The blogger wears an ultra-short mini pleated skirt in beige with the crop top consisting of a light blue cropped blouse and a gray cropped knit sweater.

Preppy Style: Fashion Role Model Bella Hadid

The secret behind the preppy look is simple: Garments that at first glance seem incredibly conservative suddenly become incredibly sexy thanks to extreme cuts and unusual combinations. A master of this styling is Bella Hadid.

The sought-after model keeps surprising us with new interpretations of the preppy look. On Instagram, for example, the 25-year-old shows a combination of mini denim pleated skirt and XXL college jacket in retro style. She also wears white knee socks and brown sneakers.

The Preppy Look Essentials

In order for the preppy look to succeed, you can fall back on a few essentials. These are the must-haves so that the college chic à la "Gossip Girl" also looks true to style: For the style you should definitely invest in a knit slipover - either in muted colors or with a checked pattern. A pleated skirt - in mini, midi, or maxi length - is also an integral part of the trendy Y2K look. Classic loafers look particularly good on your feet, best in combination with knee socks.

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