Jane Fonda warns against cosmetic surgery

Jane Fonda warns against cosmetic surgery
Jane Fonda warns against cosmetic surgery

Jane Fonda admits she's "not proud" of her facial cosmetic surgery. "I had a facelift and stopped because I don't want to look deformed. I'm not proud that I had one," Fonda said in a new interview with Vogue.

Many women are addicted to it and look "terrible", the actress points out. "I'll admit it and I'm just saying it can get addicting. Don't keep doing it."

Fonda also says she doesn't put much energy on her face. "I don't spend a lot of money on face creams or anything like that." Her beauty tips are limited to a he althy lifestyle and a good mood: "I keep my skin hydrated, I sleep, I move, I stay out of the sun and I have good friends who make me laugh."

He alth is more important than age

With her honesty, Fonda also wants to take away young people's fear of getting older. "What matters is not age, this chronological number. What matters is he alth." The former fitness icon says she's glad she's trained her body so well: "As you get older, you realize how important it is. I mean, every day when I get out of a car, I thank the goddesses, that I have strong thighs - that I have trained to keep strong thighs."

Today she still does workouts - but very, very slowly. When Jimmy Fallon once asked her what music she was training to, Fonda replied, "There is no music slow enough for my training to use."

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