New Mom Farina Opoku Reveals: This is where I went into labor

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New Mom Farina Opoku Reveals: This is where I went into labor
New Mom Farina Opoku Reveals: This is where I went into labor

And suddenly she was there! Farina Opoku has recently become a mom and is now taking plenty of time to get to know her little daughter Nola. That's why the new mom no longer reports to her Instagram fans as regularly. But the 31-year-old does not lose sight of her community, as she now proves in her Instagram story. There is a first sign of life from the new mother, who is "overjoyed and inspired" holding her little one in her arms and even chatting about secrets. Because Farina is now telling her fans and followers where and when her labor started.

Baby instead of brunch

It was a normal day in the life of the influencer. Farina aka "Novalanalove" went to one of her favorite bars in Cologne's trendy Belgian Quarter, and of course took her community with her. On Instagram, she revealed to her followers that she has an appointment for brunch. Shortly thereafter, nothing more is heard from her.

The next post already shows her new family member, who obviously announced his birth quite unexpectedly. "The last time you saw me, I was at B althasar for brunch and then the contractions actually came," explains Farina today. Instead of an instagrammable brunch, the long-awaited offspring came.

Farina is looking forward to getting to know each other

The 31-year-old recently had an XXL ball that looked like it could burst at any moment. The social media star did not expect that the contractions would then start in public of all places. Now Farina's little darling is here and the next few weeks have already been cleared for getting to know each other: "I don't know how regularly and how often in the near future. In any case, I took the whole of August off,” explains Farina to her fans and at the same time thanks her for the many congratulations and the support. The influencer is currently on cloud nine and you can really see that in the 31-year-old.

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