Gender compulsion for Andrea Kiewel in the "Fernsehgarten"?

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Gender compulsion for Andrea Kiewel in the "Fernsehgarten"?
Gender compulsion for Andrea Kiewel in the "Fernsehgarten"?

Andrea Kiewel led through a new edition of the "ZDF-Fernsehgarten" last Sunday. Among other things, she reported on the German "singer and songwriter scene" and made a longer and emphasized one before "inside". After a break, she let the audience know: "Don't make a face - I have to." There was then extensive discussion on social media as to whether the 57-year-old presenter was being forced to gender by the broadcaster. ZDF responded with a tweet.

This is how ZDF reacts to Twitter

"There are no instructions for gendering in the 'ZDF-Fernsehgarten'", the public broadcaster clarifies. "Andrea Kiewel is personally concerned to address everyone, which is why she used the phrase 'singer and songwriter inside' in connection with 'must'”, the statement continues.

That's what she says about the TV garden scandal

The moderator also speaks up

"No one, not ZDF and no one else either, tells me that I have to change," explained Andrea Kiewel in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper after the show. “I've been using the masculine and feminine plural for a long time because I really want to and it's very important to me. It is important to me. And that's what I meant in the live show." It can sometimes happen "that not every word in a two-hour live show fits perfectly. But that's how it is. I want it. I don't have to," she said Moderator.

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