Kim Gloss reveals her daughter's adorable baby name

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Kim Gloss reveals her daughter's adorable baby name
Kim Gloss reveals her daughter's adorable baby name

Kim Gloss in baby happiness! Her second daughter was born almost a month ago. Together with their loved one Alexander Beliaikin, mum and baby are now enjoying the special time to get to know each other. So far, Kim has only shared a photo of the hand and one of her daughter snuggled protectively on mom's chest with fans. In a new picture she now shows the little one completely. And reveals how cute her baby's name is, literally.

Great name! We love it

Is this cute snapshot the first one as a family? To see: Papa Alexander, Mama Kim and the little girl in her arms. Very cute in a ruffled jacket and a bow around her head. "I would like to introduce myself - my name is Golda," writes the proud mommy about the photo. "Golda" for such a cute baby? That fits! Find your followers too. For example, GALA presenter Annika Lau writes: “Enchanting!!!! And a wonderful name!” And actress Anne-Sophie Briest also agrees: “Mega name! Let's love!“

Kim Gloss already has a daughter

For Kim Gloss it is already the second daughter: She has daughter Amelia Stark from her previous relationship with Rocco Stark. And her husband Alexander already has a son who is of a similar age. Baby Golda is now perfecting patchwork happiness!

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